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Bonaldo Truly

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Bonaldo Lamina

Bonaldo Lamina Too

Brand: Bonaldo
Designer: Mauro Lipparini
Thick leather stools

Lamina too, like a wader standing on his four legs, characterized by the cosy hug of the backrest which embraces the soft frame. Both the stool are upholstered in thick-leather. The juxtaposition of two slabs of shaped thicky-leather, which contain the bearing steel frame and form a single whole that merges the backrest with the legs, is the distinguishing feature of the Lamina chair designed by Mauro Lipparini.

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Lamina Too 68:
Height 83 cm
Seat Height 68 cm
Width 46 cm
Depth 47 cm

Lamina Too 78:
Height 93 cm
Seat Height 78 cm
Width 46 cm
Depth 48 cm

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Materials Steel, Thick Leather, Upholstered
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