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Balans by Three on SedieDesign: ergonomic seating.


Three manufactures and resells products voted solely to the customer's comfort. Three's experience comes from years of commitment to the sector of furnishings, ergonomic seats and relaxation.

Today, the company Three, led by the daughters of the founder, continues the same path of quality.

Keeping in Italy (in the establishment of Dormelletto, near Lake Maggiore) the assembly and manufacture of products Relax and Ergonomics, Three cares directly the choice of suppliers, materials and components. As a result, it is able to ensure durability and customer service for any relaxation armchair.

Three's research is focused on developing  innovative design solutions that are able to improve the performance of their chairs and armchairs. The welfare the products can provide constitutes the true added value and goes beyond pure aesthetics.

But what is the ergonomic function? When we spend a lot of time sitting while working at the desk, we often tend to develop the classical "humpback". The function of ergonomic seating invites the body to the right position and the natural movement of the pelvis. Furthermore, in the correct position, all muscles work in harmony to improve energy and concentration, and breathing becomes deeper. Even digestion, venous and lymphatic systems derive benefits.


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