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Divany began as manufacturerer of sofas and armchairs.

Thanks to a top quality product and a highly updated production, the company has been growing rapidly, occupying leading positions in the national territory. The original handicraft feature has changed and, in the eighties, the company has assumed industrial characteristics. Furthermore, with the new leadership of the sons, the current owners, the commercial policy of the company has been focusing on the brand's affirmation.

Thanks to this new concept, Divany has taken on an international connotation, exporting throughout Europe, Asian countries, Russia and the UAE, so that now 80% of turnover is exported.

Divany manufactures its products using valuable and exclusive materials. The long lasting experience and presence in the market, has allowed the company to select the best suppliers, and today the company is able to provide customers with the finest leathers combined with processing methods with low environmental impact.

What distinguishes Divany in terms of production is the combination between tradition and technology. Divany’s products, in fact, are finished in the traditional way, but exploiting the opportunities offered by the industry, in order to achieve the highest quality strictly and authentically Made in Italy packaging.


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