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Office Furniture - Made in Italy

ICF is an Italian company that designs and manufactures office furniture of great aesthetic value and high quality, with a very special and instantly recognizable design.

One of the main business objectives is to create comfortable and functional products, able to create a more practical and pleasant working environment, eliminating all what is superfluous. The products are the result of the long tradition of  "Made In Italy" craftsmanship, combined with constant innovation and industrial production. 

Then company was established in Italy in the 1950s, and has contributed significantly to the birth and success of Italian design. ICF's production proposal have always been innovative: it was the first in Italy to produce partition walls (Programma Interparete, 1965) or wall systems equipped to divide the open space (Brick System, 1970, 1982/3): this is a trend product innovation that characterizes its history but also its current events.

The company deeply believes in design and research as a corporate value and not just as a mere formal fact: "We believe that creativity is realized continuously working on every detail, solving technical and productive problems. Only in this way an idea becomes something concrete, an object that makes it easier to carry out our daily activities."

ICF is used to produce with very different materials: die-cast and extruded aluminum, wood and laminates, leather, textiles and upholstery and, over the years, it hasdeveloped extensive experience in the management of the supply chain.

Quality for ICF means strict controls and inspections at every stage, from the receipt of the goods which will be then processed in the production departments until packing and shipping. It 'a rigorous concept of our organization, but the company is convinced that the seriousness of the controls is the only way to ensure the absolute quality of the final product.


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