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Moulded irony, transparency and color

Buy Kartell chairs and stools directly online on www.sedie.design or contact us for a custom quotation.
When we think about Kartell collections, we imagine unique shapes immediately recognizable, durability and quality, color and irony. Kartell's know-how consists in pushing innovation always at the extremes, allowing designers to express their creativity with new technologies and materials to give life to real "industrial revolutions" in our domestic landscape.

The continuous evolution in the use of plastic materials and the experimentation of new technologies and processes are fundamental for Kartell., always focused on innovation both in terms of performance and quality and aestethics. Plastic for Kartell is sensual, precious and it radically transforms the perception of plastic turning it in a true luxury good.

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  • LCP

    Soft and sturdy methacrylate chaise longue built from a single transparent mould
  • Lizz

    Minimalist, lightweight and resistant chair in technopolymer, both for contract and private use
  • Super Impossible

    Laser-welded small armchair with egg-shaped seat
  • Spoon

    Monoshell chair, highly flexible, ideal for contract spaces
  • Dr. Yes

    Solid and comfortable chair with polypropylene structure, created with gas injection technology
  • Bloom Suspension Lamp

    Suspesion lamp with tubular polycarbonate framework covered by tiny transparent polycarbonate flower...
  • Masters Chair

    It is the fusion of 3 symbolic chairs into one comfortable and spacious seating with polypropylene s...
  • Honeycomb Chair

    Space saver folding chair with aluminium structure and polycarbonate seat and backrest
  • Maui Chair

    Stackable chair able to match specific needs both for contract and private spaces, also available wi...
  • Tiramisu

    Practical and elegant, light-weight 3 foot folding stepladder
  • T-Table

    Polycarbonate table with elegant and precious top effect which reminiscent of embroidery
  • Optic

    Container cube in PMMA, with multi-faceted surface, available in various colours also with or withou...
  • Cindy Lamp

    table lamp which takes inspiration from the 70s but thanks to its shiny and chromed finishes it evol...
  • Papyrus Chair

    polycarbonate chair available in a wide range of old fashioned colours which make the particular sur...
  • Bookworm Bookcase

    flexible bookshelf which can assume any shape keeping its toughness and functionality

Items 1 to 45 of 151 total

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