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Officinanove: Technology and Expertise in the design and processing of metals.

"Play your color" is the basic motto of the creative and young Ligurian company Officinanove. The slogan means imagining the object in its own environment, combined with the colors that are more akin to the character of the client.

Color and metal create a perfect marriage that gives life to funny, original and refined furnishings.
Officinanove is a designer brand that since 2009 has successfully imposed itself in the furnishing field.
In 2013 the brand joined the Genoese Onfactory srl, founded by Edoardo Carpiceci, Matteo Guasconi and Davide Masi.

The creations developed by this collaboration carry the signature of the great designers and architects, such as Paolo Ulian, Brian Sironi, Marco Ferreri, Daniele Bedini, Lorenzo Damiani, Giulio Iacchetti, coordinated by the artistic direction of the Genoese architect and designer Antonio Norero. The common goal? Giving continuity to the stylistic soul of the brand.

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