Auditorium Furnishings

A versatile room calls for versatile furniture

Auditoriums are known for their multipurpose uses. From being used for presentations, to conferences, and meeting rooms, there must be a diverse assortment of furniture available to suit every possible use for one of these spaces. The SedieDesign team has thought of all needs for auditoriums, including folding tables, lecturer desks, lecterns, chairs, small armchairs, and sofas to create and make it possible to maintain an appropriate level of comfort and professionalism for all individuals present. A selection of resilient, yet elegant products.
Browse online furniture for auditoriums and feel free to contact us at info@sediedesign.it for more information regarding our products, or for other options and customizing inquiries.
  • Folding Tables
    Folding Tables
  • Lecturer Desks
    Lecturer Desks
  • Lecterns
  • Chairs
  • Small Armchairs
    Small Armchairs
  • Sofas

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