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Lounge and Accent Chairs

An inviting armchair to sit back and relax

An important aspect of anyone’s stay at a hotel must include time to rest and do something enjoyable, like read a book or watch a movie.
SedieDesign has a set of small armchairs for hotels of all design themes – small armchairs that vary in size, shape, colour and texture. Armchairs with a more typical design, such as 030, Donatella, and Molly are available for outstanding use at hotel restaurants or in hotel rooms in a dining room set up.
More modern designs of chairs like Luna, Iris and Fresbee can be considered excellent additions to hotel lobbies, lounges, or hotel rooms: they bring a comfy, yet modern look together.
At SedieDesign we are more than happy to provide you with a professional opinion of choosing a small armchair for your hotel or a quote for either customization or order inquiries.

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