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A world of a difference with a single light.

When furnishing a hotel, it must be taken into consideration how much lighting will be needed to properly brighten a room. At SedieDesign, we carry a large range of lighting styles to fit any room of a hotel – including the lobby, restaurant, or just a regular room.
Ample lighting is key to creating the perfect atmosphere for each separate location within a hotel. For example, lighting for a regular room at a hotel could include pieces such as the Hilton AP1 Wall Lamp, Lamas F24 Floor Lamp Fabbian, and Pivot F39 G Lamp Fabbian. These lighting fixtures will not only brighten your hotel space, but they will also add a certain sense of individuality to your hotel in comparison to others.
Browse our selection of lighting fixtures for hotel settings below, and email us with any questions you may have.

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