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Stacking Chairs

Stacking chairs for contract and residential projects

Stacking chairs are multipurpose. Over the years, stacking chairs have evolved from a basic, generic-style chair, to something much more complex – all while keeping their one characteristic that is so helpful in certain situations. SedieDesign’s selection of stacking chairs ranges from Calligaris’ ‘‘Led-I’‘ chair, to Kartell’s ‘‘Masters’‘, and Traba’s ‘‘Bardot’‘ chair. We carry stacking chairs for both residential use in small spaces, such as apartments, condominiums and small homes, as well as for contract use in a hotel’s conference room, extra seating in a restaurant, or even additional seating in an office space for temporary visitors. Stacking chair quality and design doesn’t have to suffer.
Shop SedieDesign’s 100% made in Italy selection, below. Questions? Send us an email at info@sediedesign.it.

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