Zanotta Sacco

Brand: Zanotta
Modern armchairs

Sacco Zanotta Armchair: after fifty years, what is there left to write about one of the icons of Italian design that, still today, communicates the absolute strength of ideas – that is, when such strength really exists? Nowhere, in the written history of design, is this object not positioned among the top ten icons that changed the perspective of our beloved field forever and for everyone.
Perhaps we can add that, beyond the desecrating gesture of filling a sack (Sacco) with polystyrene balls in order to transform it into the most informal, most versatile, most irreverent, most freeing, most soft, most ergonomic and ‘most’ everything chair, there is no defined shape. It is for this very reason that it has survived, untouched by time, through seasons and fashions.

Sacco Armchair by Zanotta in available in three sizes.

Sacco Small 278:
Height 59 cm
Width 54 cm
Depth 54 cm

Sacco Medium 279:
Height 63 cm
Width 68 cm
Depth 68 cm

Sacco 280:
Height 68 cm
Width 80 cm
Depth 80 cm

To define the order please send an e-mail indicating the chosen color code(see the PDF) to
Sacco is available in further cover options.

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Materials Polyester Fabric, Upholstered
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