Palma: Italian style, quality, passion and enthusiasm.

Palma S.p.A was established in 1986. Today, the company offers a strong selection of branded chairs, stools, armchairs and tables, each reflecting the company's seriousness and commitment to quality. To ensure this, investments have been made year after year, piece after piece, to create a complete production process - from the timber selection to the packaging of finished products.

The collections reflect different style lines, catering to the different tastes of customers: from classic, to quirky, essential or contemporary, the formal versatility of the wood is endless.

Palma S.p.A exports 80% of its products to over 50 countries and continuously serves importers, distributors, chain stores.

Thanks to a complete and well organized chain, Palma S.p.A manages its entire production process, which begins with the careful selection of timber from strictly controlled forests, from the processing of the raw materials, a pellet line has been created to recycle the residues of the production process, a highly effective solution in minimizing wastage.

The main objective is creating products that are aesthetically excellent, affordable and functional. The finishes, from paint to upholstery, reflect the attention to detail in ensuring a flawless finish and delivery of products of utmost quality. 

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