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Sled Base Chairs

Sled base chairs for contract and residential projects

Sled base chairs are a twist of style when it comes to the basic, 4-leg base most chairs have. Sled bases on chairs emulate modern, yet timeless, minimalistic style. Sled bases are very versatile when it comes to materials. Chrome and wood are still staples for this style, making them suitable for both contract and residential projects. Sled bases are great alternatives for a slight, yet modern twist on the standard chair base.
Adding these styles of chairs to your home, office, waiting room, or practically anywhere you need some extra chairs will spice up your space with a hint of modern style. Shop polycarbonate, wooden, chrome, and upholstered sled base chairs for contract and residential projects on SedieDesign. Questions? Send us an email at info@sediedesign.it.

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44 Item(s)

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