Waste Receptacles

Essential for fast food restaurants.

Waste receptacles and Free Standing Ashtrays are absolutely crucial for fast food restaurants, bars or eateries of any sort.
Constantly handling a public space that has hundreds of people using its facilities all day, for 7 days in the week is an enormous challenge, especially when it comes to cleanliness.
On SedieDesign you can purchase online waste receptacles for food courts that can fit into any setting. Waste receptacles range from wooden to rubber – keeping it interesting and to ensure that bins are unique, durable, and versatile. Need assistance in customizing a waste receptacle or Free Standing Ashtray to suit your fast food restaurant needs? By sending us an email, we can work through all details of your waste receptacle or ashtray requirements for the specific type of food area you are looking for, and brainstorm ways in which we can customize these pieces of furniture to make your eatery a place worth remembering.

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