Waste Receptacles

A hygenic necessity

Imagine walking to your gate at an airport, eager to take off on an adventure that you have been waiting to go on for years. As you are walking, you notice a significant amount of waste on the floor, lining the hallways. Coffee cups, candy wrappers, soda cans, you name it. Suddenly, you start to doubt the overall cleanliness of everything, and you are unable to relax. With thousands, and possibly millions of travellers passing through your airport on a daily basis, waste, and eventually unwanted pests could quickly become an issue if not taken care of immediately.
SedieDesign offers different styles of waste receptacles, designed to fit in with any airport theme, and sleek enough to be able to fit a high quantity in any area. For any customization or general inquiries, please contact us. Our team of highly skilled professionals is eager to assist you.

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