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Bedroom Mirrors

Bedroom mirrors to furnish bedrooms according to your taste

Choosing the right mirror for a bedroom or an hotel room is very important: it complements the rest of the furnishing either in terms of shape, size or eventual frame. SedieDesign offers a selection of many important brands like Pacini & Cappellini, Seletti, AYTM and many more, so that you will find the right one for you. E-store www.sedie.design offers a selection of mirrors that can be adapted to any necessity or ambience. From the ones for bathrooms, to the modular and decorative ones, the right mirror for you is here at SedieDesign. Using the right mirror in the right place can really make the difference.
Explore our selection of mirrors. Send us a mail at info@sediedesign.it for more information, quotations or help in choosing the right solution for you.

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