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Swivel Chairs

Swivel chairs for contract and residential projects

While also known as ‘‘revolving’‘ or ‘‘spinny’‘ chairs, swivel chairs are chairs with a single central leg that allows the seat to rotate 360 degrees to the left or right. Swivel chairs can may have wheels on the base, allowing the user to move their chair around their office or work area without standing up to move their chair. This is common in office spaces, and could also be referred to as an office chair.
Some swivel chairs can also have a gas lift mechanism to adjust the height of the seat for optimal comfort. Swivel chairs add a different dynamic to any space they are added. Whether it’s a kitchen, dining, office, or living room accent chair, there is always a place to put them where they will be useful. Shop SedieDesign’s wide variety of swivel chairs in many different materials and finishes – you’re guaranteed to find the perfect chair for your space.
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