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Welcome to SedieDesign, we’re not your usual furniture company.

In our online store, you’ll recognize a lot of the major designer brands. However, in addition to the classics, we also offer a wider variety of furnishings that we manufacture under our umbrella of brands. Interior designers and individuals can buy home, outdoor, office furniture as well as furnishings for hotels, restaurants and all other public spaces. SedieDesign also sells semi-finished items for furniture manufacturers.
Sediedesign is an eclectic and versatile online store. The SedieDesign headquarters is located in Trevisio, Italy. From here, our staff manages the operations of our online store including support, orders, shipping and customizations.
We deliver worldwide, or you can pick up your piece directly from us.

Sediedesign for furniture manufacturers
SedieDesign research creativity of small and medium-sized design companies to increase the awareness of either brand and items, through the e-store Sedie.Design, to individuals, brand lovers, designers and architects. Artisans and small businesses that Sediedesign enhances have decades of experience in the furniture industry and in the production of handmade furnishings. They have an unrivaled know-how and they wish to enter the international scene. Sediedesign aims at becoming their online sales channel, which includes minisite development, product upload, orders and returns management plus customer care.
SedieDesign has decades of experience in the furniture industry in both the retail and production. Through our online store, we help small and medium sized furniture manufacturers increase their brand visibility. We also help businesses enter international markets. Through SedieDesign, manufacturers have access to an online sales channel that helps to manager the sales cycle of their products.

SedieDesign for architects and interior designers
Sediedesign works with interior designers, architects and professionals to help identify the best solutions or alternatives for contract furniture. We can also develop customized products from scratch. SedieDesign works with companies and craftsmen to create the best piece of furniture by managing the full production cycle: product drawing, prototyping and manufacturing.

At SedieDesign, offline and digital markets collide. We pride ourselves on offering the 4 cornerstones of furniture: tradition, innovation, craftsmanship and industrial production. We work daily to provide all markets with a unique selection of high quality furniture for our valued customers.

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