Chairs & Stools

Chairs and Stools

You can never have too many chairs and stools at your disposal in a common area.In medical centres, especially when working in the emergency department, there may be certain slow periods where employees have some more time to spend in their common area. Having extra chairs and stools to sit in a cafeteria-like space or eating area, for impromptu meetings where booking a conference room is out of the question, or even just having an extra space to sit when the sofas and armchairs are taken is very helpful.

SedieDesign has chosen an excellent collection of chairs and stools for medical common areas. Our chairs and stools come in various materials such as a modern polycarbonate and metal mix, strictly metal, or even a combination of metal and wood, or wood and polycarbonate. We have something to suit everyone's taste. Questions? Email us at

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