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Eno Modular Wine Wall Rack

Brand: Elite to Be

Eno by Elite to Be is a laser-cut modular wall wine storage system.
You can customize either dimension and finish choosing amongst corten, brozen or burnish hand finish: further custom finishes are available upon request.
Price refers to the version as seen in the picture.

Dimensions as shown
Total Height: 2,25m + 10cm if suspended
Total Width: 4,5m
Max Depth: 34 cm
Depth details
 - lower partition: 24 cm + 34 cm for layed down bottles
 - upper partition: 12 cm + 18cm for standing bottles

Max capacity: 144 layed down bottles + 216 stading bottles
Finish: corten

Create your own Eno bottle rack by choosing and combinding all modula and shelves available (in cm):
F06: 25X15X75
F08A: 25x18x100
F08B: 50x18x50
F16: 50xx18x100
F18; 75x18x75
M08: 75x18x75
F12: 50x34x50
F24a: 50x34x100
F24b: 75x34x75
Shelves: from 50x12x1,5  to 150x24x1,5

For customization enquiries please write to

More Information
Materials Corten
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