Opusdivino metal shelf for still wines by sintesi design buy online

Opusdivino Still Wine Shelf

Opusdivino metal rack for sparkling wines by sintesi design buy online

Opusdivino Sparkling Wine Rack

Opusdivino Sparkling Wine Shelf

Brand: Sintesi
Steel wine shelf

Steel wine shelf to be fixed on the wall or on a vertical support. It is meant to create a wall cellar or to decorate your walls with beautiful bottles of wine. Thanks to its functional shape, it can focus the attention on the displayed bottle.

Opusdivino Wine Shelf 100% Made in Italy 

Steel shelf painted with epoxy powders, embossed black finish

For sparkling wine bottles diam.8/11cm 

Super easy assembly (10 mins), hardware included 

Height: 5,5 cm; Width 28 cm; Depth from Wall: 8 cm

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Materials Metal
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