Pedrali Parenthesis

Pedrali Parenthesis

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Pedrali L002T

Pedrali Giravolta 1799T

Brand: Pedrali

Giravolta is a wireless lighting distinguished by a contemporary design.
The main elements are two discs in plastic material, the base and the LED diffuser which rotates 360 degrees and direct the light, and an arc made in extruded aluminium that surrounds the two discs to create a practical handle.
The luminaire incorporates the LED board, the lithium battery and the micro USB device for recharge.
Giravolta is characterised by a touch control and three light intensities.

LED ARRAY 2W 3,7V 500mA 3000°K

Available dimensions:
h 330 - Ø 150
h 500 - Ø 150
h 1300 - Ø 150

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