Sales Online Roofer F12 A03 Suspensions Lamp it Draws its Inspiration From Roofs and Consists of Rubbery Machine Washable Scales by Fabbian

Roofer F12 A03 Suspensions Lamp Fabbian

Roofer F12 A01 Suspensions Lamp Fabbian

Brand: Fabbian
Designer: Benjamin Hubert
Suspensions lamps

From the genius of Benjamin Hubert a lamp that breaks all patterns: it draws its inspiration from roofs, and consists of rubbery machine washable scales. The scales may be white or in three different shades to give a blurred effect. The lower part of the lamp is closed by a diffuser disk in polymethacrylate.

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Height 110 - 250 cm
Diameter 57 cm

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Materials Metal, Rubber
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