Lisa Wood 2852 stackable chair steel structure wooden seat and backrest suitable for contract use by Scab buy online

Scab Lisa Wood 2852

Scab Lisa Lounge 2858

Scab Lisa Lounge 2858

Scab Lisa Club 2874

Brand: Scab
Designer: Marcello Ziliani
Stackable chairs

A chair with a cool core, with seat and backrest in PVC wires to make it practical, light to move, and stackable, which reminds us of the gardens of our past. The must-have piece of furniture for outdoor spaces, informal yet well-finished, made refined by the structure/frame combination. Designed for contract environments, it gives a touch of summer carefreeness to bars and restaurants along the sea.

Height 78 cm
Seat Height 45 cm
Width 52 cm
Depth 60 cm

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Materials Pvc, Steel
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