Urban Duo Folding-Door Corner Shower Enclosure

Brand: SedieDesign
Corner Shower Enclosures
Anodized aluminum structure folding-door corner shower enclosure, chrome frame cover plugs. Tempered glass doors(thickness 6 mm for fixed side and 4 mm for folding door) available transparent or embossed glass(send request: info@sediedesign.it). The shower floor is not included.

Height 198 cm
Shower Cabins:
Width 70(Adjustable from 67,5 to 71) cm - Opening 42 cm
Width 75(Adjustable from 72,5 to 76) cm - Opening 47 cm
Width 80(Adjustable from 77,5 to 81) cm - Opening 52 cm
Width 90(Adjustable from 87,5 to 91) cm - Opening 62 cm
Width 100(Adjustable from 97,5 to 101) cm - Opening 72 cm

Fixed Sides:
Width 70(Adjustable from 67,5) cm
Width 75(Adjustable from 72,5) cm
Width 80(Adjustable from 77,5) cm
Width 90(Adjustable from 87,5) cm
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Materials Anodized Aluminum, Glass
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